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The Facebook post that brought my internship abroad

Hola hola!

Last year at uni is going pretty fast, and the second semester is going great so far. Some friends have asked me about how I got my internship abroad, so I thought it could be useful to share the fun story behind it.

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Summer 2017: Social inclusive entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

After finishing an academic year abroad in Amsterdam, Clara couldn’t help it and stayed for the summer.

In the process of trying to find some meaningful project where I could contribute to, I found DELITELABS, a social inclusive pre-startup school where participants can develop their ideas and transform them into businesses.

Social engineering

The century of the self

My favourite documentary ever.

This 4-part broadcast shows how the whole “manipulation of the masses” concept was created and developed by Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, and applied to different fields such as business or politics.

This post will be focused on my impressions and thoughts on the documentary.

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