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On Digital Influencers

We know the story: robots will continue taking most of our jobs. Telemarketers, truck drivers, lawyers… we seem to be all in this together (High School Musical references apart).

But what if you’re a social media influencer?

Meet Miquela Sousa: This American-Brazilian model is 19 years old and lives in LA. She’s an Instagram influencer who stands for LGTB rights and campaigns for youth justice.

Lil Miquela boasts 1.4 million Instagram followers. She recently collaborated with luxury brand Prada and appears in Vogue magazine. She just released her latest song together with artist Baauer.

And she doesn’t exist.

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Adapting facebook to my preferences

Over the past few weeks, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information on my facebook feed. Posts were displayed in such a way that made me find no value on the app anymore.

Instead of keeping myself informed and learning about topics I am interested in, I found myself scrolling through posts I found “less meaningful” every now and then.