My top 10 TED talks · Oct 17

Here’s one for those who feel curious to know about how the world works, and how to improve it.

TED is a non-profit organization  through which experts from different disciplines communicate their ideas, findings or discoveries. I find this a great way to inspire one’s curious mind, and I personally believe on the power of these talks to change perceptions and behavior. So, let me just say it: I think TED talks are great.

Below you’ll find a list of my 10 favourite TED talks. They cover different topics, although you can find quite a lot of thoughts related to topics such as futurism, inovation, marketing, psychology or advertising.

I hope I contribute to your curiosity in any way through this article, and I hope you find some of these TED talks as inspiring as I do. 💡 Don’t hesitate to contact me with any reccomendation 💡.

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Life in a 400 inhabitants village

Yes, we do have wifi here.

Born and raised in a village of 400 people. Exciting, right?

My hometown, Cerdà, is located 50 km away from Valencia city. I am the only 21-year-old inhabitant ✌🏼.

After coming back from living abroad, and before heading to Valencia for some more months now, I stay in my “Mediterranean hometown” for a time period. And I find life in its purest state. Continue reading

Summer 2017: Social inclusive entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

After finishing an academic year abroad in Amsterdam, Clara couldn’t help it and stayed for the summer.

In the process of trying to find some meaningful project where I could contribute to, I found DELITELABS, a social inclusive pre-startup school where participants can develop their ideas and transform them into businesses.

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