The Facebook post that brought my internship abroad

Hola hola!

Last year at uni is going pretty fast, and the second semester is going great so far. Some friends have asked me about how I got my internship abroad, so I thought it could be useful to share the fun story behind it.

After being an exchange student for an academic year, I thought it’d be nice to stay in Amsterdam during the summer. I knew staying as a tourist wouldn’t be my thing, so I wanted to find something fun I could do during that period; something that would allow me to bring value to others and, if possible, to (re)discover the city from a different perspective. On top of that, you know, boat parties are way nicer when it’s sunny outside.

So, what did a young student with only a few (but very nice) connections in the country do? I went to Facebook 🤓

Discovering the startup scene in Amsterdam was something I really wanted to do, especially after following a “business innovation” semester. It seemed like something interesting and fun to my intuitive self, so I joined a Facebook group called “Amsterdam Startups” and offered my little knowledge for some weeks.

I shared this same post on LinkedIn too, which allowed me to connect with more people. A big thanks to those who shared it back then ❤

Screenshot of the original post

The post got several reactions, and I received many messages with interesting projects I could contribute to. That led to many meetings, and to getting to know lots of cool people.

The organization I finally contributed to is DELITELABS, and you can find more about this amazing experience here.

At that time, I knew I’d love to go back to Amsterdam for my internship, but getting it seemed like something a bit hard to do. I thought I’d try to find the right one while staying during the summer.

The truth is that I received several messages of users who saw my post and thought summer time would be too quick for me to join a project, but they liked my attitude and enthusiasm, and would like to see if there would be a possibility for a future internship. I mean, awesome! Wasn’t I supposed to go on a student job site for that?

Among those messages, there was the e-mail from the people behind the company where I am now, who thought we could meet during the summer and see if there would be a fit. Those meetings took place and well, I think you know the rest of the story 🙆🏻‍♀️

Moral of this story: I was feeling enthusiastic about the experience, and I ended up connecting with people who are as enthusiastic as I am. I did what I felt like doing, and everything ran smoothly. Isn’t that cool?

The only purpose of this story is to let you know there are many ways to get somewhere. In this case, it was totally unplanned and spontaneous, but you never know when someone might be interested in your ideas.

Of course, I am not encouraging anyone to write posts, if that’s not what one wants. I do think doing whatever feels right will bring prosperity. As long as one does something. Whatever it is.

Lots of love!

Published by Clara

I'm a Spanish student, currently following an International business and innovation program in the Netherlands.

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