Adapting facebook to my preferences

Over the past few weeks, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information on my facebook feed. Posts were displayed in such a way that made me find no value on the app anymore.

Instead of keeping myself informed and learning about topics I am interested in, I found myself scrolling through posts I found “less meaningful” every now and then.

I realized I keep contact with both my closest friends from home –even though I am currently living abroad– and my friends living in different countries.

So… I unfollowed (most of) my facebook contacts. Sorry about that. Of course, I did not unfollow you, my beloved reader. I kept those profiles I find interesting for different reasons.

How does my facebook feed look now? Fresh! I follow many pages related to innovation and futurism, and since I changed my preferences, I have been able to find news and information in topics I feel passionate about.

This change has also caused a difference in the way I use the app. Since then, I use it during my free time, including those posts or news in my regular “information routine”, and allowing myself to gain some knowledge in topics I find really, really interesting.

My top 4 innovation-related pages:

futurism  Futurism

curiosity Curiosity

seeker Seeker

virtuality Virtuality

These pages have allowed me to become more familiar with topics related to innovation and technology. However, let’s not forget what facebook, one of the biggest gatherings of potential customers available for companies, is all about… you are either influencing or being influenced. Just trying to make it a little bit more useful over here.

Published by Clara

I'm a Spanish student, currently following an International business and innovation program in the Netherlands.

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